The Beginning

Family dinner, or supper as we call it in Newfoundland, is always an event at our house. Any evening could feature a meal cooked by my amazing parents which is then eaten by my sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and any/all friends of ours that need feeding. I have my parents to thank for my love of entertaining – the more mouths to feed, the better. Growing up, they both worked out of province for various parts of the year and many times my older sisters and I were living alone in our family home (don’t worry, they were fantastic caregivers). Regardless of whether there were two of us, or our full family of five, we ate around the table almost every evening without any distractions. To this day, our parents are less than impressed if we dare to look at a phone or any other device during a meal.

 I’ll never forget one evening, as we were enjoying our supper, the phone rang. We do not often answer during this time, especially if dad is at the table – “Leave it.” being one of his most common phrases. But, after the constant ringing, he answered it and a telemarketer was on the other end. Now, you have to know my father. He is the most selfless, caring man who wants nothing more than to spend time with my mother, my sisters and I. This is how the conversation went:

Dad: Hello

Telemarketer: Hello, I was wondering if I could speak to Mr. McCarthy and ask a few questions regarding our products and services.

Dad: oh yes this is him. For sure, could I have your home phone number so I can call you tomorrow around meal time?

Telemarketer: No I’m sorry sir I cannot do that.

Dad: Best kind – don’t call me during mine then.

HAHA – sin.

The fact is that this day and age, everyone is busy. I for one am currently writing this post on a machine at the gym in true multitasker fashion. Friends grow apart, families live in different towns, but food is something that always manages to bring us back together. There is nothing I would rather do than explore new places and try new food with the people that I care most about.

Within 2017-2018, I have taken upwards of 20 flights that have led me to various provinces, countries & continents. As much as I enjoy travelling, there is nothing more amazing than coming home. I love feeling the fresh fog hit me in the face as I step off of the plane, and there’s just something about the Newfoundland air that pushes all worries aside. This year, I’ve decided to keep my feet planted (for the most part) and explore some of the great food and experiences that our province has to offer. In my opinion, many of these rival anything found within Europe and beyond. I know so many people who are doing amazing work and their efforts deserve to be put on display.

This space serves not only as a record of memories for myself, but also as a means to promote the amazing island that I am so lucky to call home. I promise you – It’s some shockin’ good!

~ Jill

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