Putting My Best Fork Forward

So, let’s get one thing straight – I am not a critic nor do I have any formal culinary training. I’m unsure where and when my interest in food began, but if you tasted my mother’s gravy I’m sure we would agree that her cooking was the start.

For my first adventure, I rounded up a few of the girls and travelled approximately 30 minutes outside of the city to Witless Bay. The Irish Loop Coffee House, situated on the side of the highway, is transformed in the evening to the wonderful restaurant, Fork.


It’s quite a small space, and was busting at the seams on the evening we visited. Our reserved table was seated directly in front of the cutest shelf of teapots. A thick fog was rolling in, so the fact that we were away from the window certainly did not matter. I did hear, however, that on clear days you can see whales breaching right outside. There was a very rustic-diner feel to the space with a wood stove tucked in the corner and local goods for sale lining the shelves – super sweet. There was also awesome music playing lightly in the background; artists such as Mumford & Sons, Blue Rodeo, & Jack Johnson. The lovely waitress told me that the Fork playlist can actually be found on Spotify.


To start, we had a look at the cocktail menu. The girls ordered Berry Good By and Grey Foggy Day, which were both tasty, but I opted for a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. All cocktails/wine are priced at $9.


To start, we began with multiple orders of Nan’s bread which was paired with sea salt butter and partridgeberry spread. This simple dish did not disappoint and was only $3 per small loaf!


Next, I tried the mussels which I finished by drinking the broth with my spoon because it was simply that good. Look, I didn’t say this blog was going to be pretty – I’m giving you the real details here. My friend ordered the Placentia Bay scallops with compressed watermelon & prosciutto. I did not have a chance to taste these, but had to include a picture because they are a beautiful work of art.


For the main, I tried the cauliflower chickpea korma. Being the mother of our group, I warned my friend that she probably shouldn’t try it because it may be too spicy for her, but we were pleasantly surprised. It was a very mild, sweet curry that I would undoubtedly order again. A plate of three small tuna tacos rounded out my meal. It was the freshest tuna I have ever tasted, with minimal cilantro (bless) and paired with a delicious spicy mayo that I could not get enough of.


Okay, this was the absolute star of the show. I am honestly a much more savoury than sweet person. I would 100% rather be elbow-deep into a bag of Doritos than a piece of cake. When I have desserts, I usually go for anything and everything chocolate so I was a tad disappointed when there was no such dessert choice. HAVING SAID THAT, I went with the banana bread dish (center) and it was outstanding. It consisted of banana bread, potato chip ice cream (!), candied peanuts, crispy meringue, and NL sea salt. There’s nothing I love more than salty mixed with sweet and this one hit it out of the park. We also tried the whipped cheesecake with caramelized pear and parsnip (left). This was  one of the best cheesecake-based desserts that I have ever tasted. Finally, we had a couple of the Tetley Tea panna cotta (right) at the table and of course I had to stab my spoon into that as well. Nan would have been disappointed otherwise. I usually wouldn’t go for this type of sweet, but it was actually quite delicious and certainly beautiful. The poached partridgeberries were my favorite part.



In my opinion, this restaurant is a true gem. It’s a beautiful touch of rural Newfoundland situated right outside of the city and completely worth the trip. Their menu is consistently changing and can be found posted frequently on their social media accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/forkatilch/

Instagram: @fork_at_ilch



Check them out – it’s Some Shockin’ Good!

~ Jill

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