Petty Harbour Photo Skiff

Recently, I was lucky enough to spend the evening with Chelsey Lawrence (of Chelsey Lawrence Photography) in beautiful Petty Harbour. Her work will now be featured throughout various parts of this website and blog posts.

Chelsey is a Newfoundland-based photographer and her work has been proudly hanging in my house for a couple of years now (again, I like to give credit where credit’s due and write about pieces I actually own). One of my favourite shots of hers which I have framed in my entrance-way is Morning Dory taken at sunrise in Petty Harbour:

Morning Dory

Attention to Detail

As we were taking photos, Chelsey’s vision was unbelievably clear and organized. She had many shots planned before I ever arrived, but was also completely open to, and even welcomed, my own creativity. She is the most down-to-earth individual who crawled into a water-filled dory and hiked to the top of a mountain in an effort to obtain the perfect shots. She has a talent of knowing which pieces of scenery pair with which props and made the shots with me in them appear much less awkward (which I assure you is no easy task).


Paving Her Way

Chelsey’s changing path is one very similar to my own, something we conversed about during the shoot. After completing her Masters degree in Biology, she also decided to switch gears and follow her true passion – photography. I have the utmost respect for anyone who starts a business which depends on the support and booking of others in order to be sustainable. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to support local.

Currently, she shoots everything from engagement photos to icebergs, with landscape work being the absolute icing on her cake. Some of my favourite shots of hers are featured below:

Rock in the RockNewman Sound BergFerryland GlowBlue BeautyBetween StagesDrift and FlowScreen Shot 2018-07-20 at 1.02.51 PM

A full collection of her images can be found at:

Her pricing is completely reasonable, her personality is contagious and her work is exceptional.

If you want to order a print, it is best to message her at: 

Chelsey Lawrence

Instagram & Facebook: @ChelseyLawrencePhotography

Check her out – She’s Some Shockin’ Good. 


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