The Shore Tour 2018

Last week, I ventured to the Southern Shore to check a few things off of my summer bucket list. The following is a compilation of my favorite food, experiences, and accommodations while visiting out that way.

Somewhere to Eat – The Ferryland Picnic 

So often, plans in this province depend on the weather. In my opinion, you just have to embrace it. It would have been lovely to sit outside at the Ferryland picnic on our blanket and enjoy the sunshine. But, it was so foggy that you couldn’t even see the lighthouse, and the ground was soaking wet. When life gives you lemons – honestly just go inside and drink the homemade lemonade offered here (also, go buy a $2 polka dot umbrella).


The inside decor was actually super cute featuring exposed wood, Edison bulbs and mismatched furniture pieces.

I was also impressed with the great variety of sandwich options (including a veggie choice) as well as a long list of desserts. Our meal consisted of:

  • The delicious homemade lemonade (as mentioned)
  • Orzo salads
  • Curried Chicken sandwich
  • Ham, Brie and Green Apple sandwich
  • Chocolate Ganache cake
  • Strawberry Rhubarb cake

… all delivered to our table and still in a lovely picnic basket!


Everything was absolutely delicious with my favorite being the ham/brie/apple sandwich. The take-home point about these sandwiches is the bread. Oh. My. Gentle. Not quite as good as Nan’s, but my lord it is a close second.

For more information:

*Note: the hike up is, for the most part, a rocky path. Make sure you have proper footwear. I found that my rubber boots were fine, but my friend’s Birkenstocks were not so fine.

Somewhere to Explore – East Coast Trail

You may find it odd that I am not featuring a boat tour excursion as they are plentiful around the Southern Shore. There are two reasons why I chose to feature trails instead:

(1) Trails are free which is a great exploration opportunity, especially for a large family.

(2) I wouldn’t be able to tell you about the details of a boat tour because I would be too busy vomiting – this girl does not have sturdy sea legs.

Having said that, two of my favorite portions of the East Coast Trail are located out this way:

(1) Mickeleen’s Path

This is probably my favorite of all the trails I have ever done. The view of the water surrounding the red rocks is unlike no other.

(2) Tinker’s Point Path 

I just discovered this trail last week as it was literally a 1-minute walk from our accommodations featured below. Here there are also great views, but what I enjoyed most was a feeling of comfort in the enclosed woods

Somewhere to Eat (…again) – Paddy’s

Listen, after you finish a hike, you deserve a feed of Paddy’s in Bay Bulls and don’t let anyone tell you any different. I recommend the fries, dressing, and gravy as well as the mac n cheese bites. Call (709) 334-2081 to place your take-out order.


Somewhere to Stay – The Whale House

Situated in Mobile and opened in June of this year, these accommodations still smell as new as they look.

The host, Amanda, is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She made us feel at home from the moment we pulled in the lane. The property where The Whale House is built is absolutely outstanding. The view is picturesque from every angle, and there is so much space surrounding the property to thoroughly enjoy your stay.

There are three different types of suites offered here:

(1) The Blue Whale 

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 1.35.27 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-23 at 1.34.55 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-23 at 1.34.47 PMPhotos: Jane Brokenshire

This suite is exquisite. With ceiling-to-floor windows and a view of both forest and ocean, there is no way that one cannot feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a stay in this space. The décor and color palette allows your head to escape to a location that is purely tranquil. There are two decks attached, one with seating and a table, the other with a hammock for even more leisure time. There is a full private bathroom as well as a kitchenette-style cart with everything one may need from a microwave to wine glasses.

(2) The Humpback 

Photos: Jane Brokenshire

Not as large as the Blue Whale, the attraction factor for this room lies in the hot tub. It is perfect for a romantic getaway or a girl’s night out. Like the other suites, it features a mini-kitchenette with a bar fridge, cooking appliances and of course – a coffee machine.

(3) The Right Whale/Orca 

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 8.38.14 PM.png
Photo: Jane Brokenshire

These suites are the smallest available, but still completely charming and perfect for a weekend getaway by yourself or with a partner. I would recommend these suites if you’re looking to explore the area, do some hiking, and have somewhere filled with comfort, convenience, and thoughtful touches to lay your head.

Obviously, these spaces are all brand new and beautiful. There would be no issues having the perfect stay in either. What really sets the Whale House’s accommodations apart from others are the small touches and services which Amanda and Marty offer such as:

  • Recommendations on where to eat and what to explore in the area – they are extremely supportive of other local businesses
    • They feature a boat tour on a sign within their rooms which they will even book for you if you are interested
  • Free access to paddle boards and kayaks
  • A communal fire pit for all guests with marshmallow mason jars in each room. I really liked this idea as it encourages guests to mingle.
  • Beautiful wine glasses (which I realize is a minor detail but I love when accommodations have nice ones to sip from)
  • Treats (ice cream and soda), when available, inside the mini-fridge
  • Mason jars filled with cereal snacks
  • Environmentally-conscious spaces
    • They have posters outlining ways to save water while vacationing at the Whale House
    • They use full size shampoo/body wash to avoid the wastefulness of mini bottles
  • Flexibility to enjoy your stay
    • My friend and I hauled chairs over to the edge of the backyard in order to take in the view with our wine and whale-watch. There were no issues with this whatsoever.
  • Full access to East Coast Trails from the same area as the suites (Tinker’s Point Path is immediately adjacent to their lane).
  • Absolutely commendable service and friendliness

**Keep an eye out in the future for**:

  • New additions of suites
  • Girls night out packages
  • Contests – there’s one on now:

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.25.23 PM

I cannot say enough good about this space – It’s Some Shockin good.

The Whale House

Facebook: @WhaleHouseNL

Instagram: @nlguesthouse

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