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It is shameful to say that the first time I ever visited the west coast of Newfoundland was in 2012 when I spent the summer studying marine biology at the Bonne Bay Marine Station. I have travelled back numerous times since then, proving with each visit that it is an amazing destination. The following is a list of my favorite things I have experienced while exploring the west of this beautiful island:

Disclaimer: I have clearly not done everything there is to do and this is mostly a spring/summer ranking of my personal preferences. I don’t ski (well), and I golf even worse, but I hear those activities are also amazing over that way.

10. Earle’s – Rocky Harbour

Growing up in rural Newfoundland, it was a true treat to head to the local gas station for a FLAVORED soft serve. Cheesecake, cotton candy, pineapple – the list of my favorites is endless. I’m unsure at what point in my life that these became difficult to find, but I have so much trouble tracking them down as an adult. So, you can imagine my happiness when I found a place on the west coast serving 24-flavour soft serve among other delicious icy treats. #NeverForget


9. Western Brook Pond – Gros Morne

You may be surprised that this is not ranked higher on my list as pictures and videos make it look like one of the most amazing tours you could do. Unfortunately, the boat was not running the last time I visited, so I could only take in the views from land. Having said that, the trail was down is a nice one, and the scenery is beautiful. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE WITHIN – CHECK IT OUT.


8. Newfound Sushi – Corner Brook

Not only is their sushi the freshest I have ever tasted, but it is also the most delicious! Some of my favorite things to order are: Edamame, Tempura Cod/Veggies, Newfound Roll with tuna, & the Spicy Northern Shrimp Roll. Also, their Caesar is deadly which is a  pure bonus.

7. Explore Woody Point

Woody point is one of the more picturesque towns that this island has to offer. In the summer months, you can catch a short water taxi ride from Norris Point (featured below). There are beautiful views, charming infrastructure and delicious food. I recommend parking the car, exploring by foot (especially the waterfront), and stopping at the Merchant Warehouse for lunch.

6. Float down Deer Lake/the Humber River

Humber resort is renowned in this province and beyond for it’s amazing accommodations and gorgeous golf course. If you plan to stay there or nearby, I highly suggest floating down the river. So, the first time I ever did this we forgot to bring paddles. I do not advise taking this route, but my goodness was it ever fun! Good tunes, great friends and a beautiful float – what more do ya want?

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 9.43.18 PM

5. Visit Pasadena

After floating, you may find yourself at Oasis Grillhouse in Pasadena. This place is amazing with beachside food and drinks making you feel like you’re on a vacation far, far away from home. They have trivia on Thursday nights which is incredibly fun!


Photo take from Oasis Grillhouse Pasadena Facebook Page

If spending any more time in the area, I highly suggest picking strawberries at Wright’s Family Farm. The last time I was there, my friend and I used these to make a delicious sangria. I cannot say enough good about this community and I feel everyone should take the time to experience the charm to be found within.

4. Explore Norris Point

Norris Point is one of my favorite places of all time. Nestled in the heart of Gros Morne National Park, there is so much to see and do! A perfect day in this town is scheduled As follows:

  • Breakfast (preferably cake because why not?) and coffee at the Old Store Café
  • Work it off by hiking Burnt Hill
  • Pub grub and a pint at the Cat Stop
  • Take in the incredible View at Jenniex house
  • Do a kayak tour with Gros Morne Adventures
  • Have supper at The Black Spruce (Neddies Harbour Inn) – the carrot fritters were my favorite
  • If it’s a Thursday – head back to the Cat Stop for Open Mic with Mike MacDonald

3. The Tablelands Hike

I have done a lot of hiking on the west coast over the last year and my absolute favorite is the Tablelands. I have not done Gros Morne Mountain, which is no doubt also amazing, but the Tablelands hike makes you feel like you are on a different planet. I did this in June and luckily there was still snow atop the mountains – creating an even more amazing view.


2. ‘Ome – Burlington

Some may argue that this is more central Newfoundland but, less than two hours from Deer Lake, I am grouping this with the west. ‘Ome is by far my favorite accommodations to date on that side of the island. It’s hard to put into words how tranquil and beautiful these tents really are. I could lie in that cozy bed reading and sipping coffee All. Day. Long.


1. Lemonade Stand – Middle Arm

OKAY, so while driving to lunch in Middle arm at the Corner Café (side note: highly recommend the HOMEMADE ice cream sandwich there), I came across the cutest crayon poster for a lemonade stand at Renee Newbury’s, so obviously I had to stop by. The two little girls running the stand were the absolute sweetest, serving up cookies and lemonade on a hot day. I hardly ever see children having these anymore, but it completely melted my heart and was the absolute best – taking home the cake on this list for sure!


Happy Exploring!

~ Jill

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