‘Tis the Caeson

Caesars are one of those cocktails that you either love or hate, and if you hate them, then you are wrong and should try again.

St. John’s has so many amazing restaurants, and, if anywhere has a Caesar on their menu, I have probably tried it. The following are my top five favorite Caesars of this summer in the St. John’s area:


(5) Fort Amherst Pub

Churchill square is stepping up its game with local shops such as Whink and delicious eats found at Fort Amherst Pub. If you want a Caesar without the hassle of parking downtown, this is the place for you!


(4) Exile Restaurant and Lounge

Exile is by far the most comfortable and relaxing atmosphere I have ever enjoyed a Caesar in. You can sit back in massive, cozy lounge chairs and enjoy a selection of delicious cocktails. They have a fancy Exile Caesar with red wine & horseradish, but why re-invent the wheel? Their original is far superior.


(3) Merchant Tavern

This one ranks high because I can always count on a snack stick* while I wait. A slice of lime just doesn’t cut it anymore…please give me some olives at the very least. The taste is smooth with a touch of spice – pairing perfectly with their delicious Eggs Benedict.


*Snack stick (noun.): a variety of garnishes, often of the pickled variety that accompany a Caesar so that you are slightly less hungry while waiting for your meal.

(2) Guv’nor Pub

I have been visiting the Guv’nor faithfully for the last ten years. No matter who makes it, their Caesars are consistently delicious and another great option if wishing to stay slightly more uptown. It doesn’t even matter that it doesn’t have a snack stick, the taste alone is enough for a number two ranking – A.M.A.Z.I.N.G



And the best Caesar of my summer goes to….


(1) Bernard Stanley Gastropub

A perfect blend of all necessary ingredients. I don’t know exactly what they put in there, but IT IS SO DELICIOUS and only $5 (along with $4 Mimosas) on Saturdays and Sundays! What more do ya want, jam on it?


These might be the top 5 within restaurants, but truly the best Caesar in this province can be found in my own kitchen:


Jillian’s tips for a great homemade Caesar:

(1) Lots of ice

(2) use a rimmer with sugar cane – my favorite is currently one that I picked up from Chapters. You can find it here: https://waltercaesar.com/products/caesar-rim/

(3) Do not be shy on the Worcestershire – I find Heinz is superior in taste

(4) Lots of lime

(5) You need a SNACK on there

Perhaps establishments in this city should have a showdown – I will gladly judge.

Where is your favorite?


~ Jill