Vicky Mullaley Laughs (…and so does her audience.)

Last weekend, I headed to the Luxus Boutique Hotel with a few friends to catch what would (sadly) be the final Cocktail Comedy show. This event has ran successfully for one year and I have two comments to make about it:

  1. I am disappointed that it is over. The Luxus has amazing cocktails and a unique atmosphere – check it out.
  2. The comedy scene in this province provides a great source of entertainment for anyone looking to fill their evening calendar with something other than dinner or a movie.

A great friend of mine, Vicky Mullaley, headlined the show and had the crowd absolutely roaring from the start. I have seen her perform multiple times and I never, ever laugh any less. Her sets are filled with completely down-to-earth material about everyday problems that people can relate to and subsequently make light of.

I have been friends with Vicky since childhood. How lucky am I to have someone that can make me laugh uncontrollably at the worst of times? For anyone who hasn’t been following her comedy journey, you should definitely begin. Beautiful, quick-witted, and an absolute joy to watch, she has swiftly scaled the comedy ladder within this province.

Four years ago, Vicky finished an engineering degree and, like many others, moved out west hoping to find work in Calgary. Oddly enough, when separated by thousands of miles is when we became the closest. We would message each other every day providing updates on our current love interests, hopeful career paths, or maybe just what we were having for lunch. I’ll never forget one conversation that we had, which involved the question of, “If money wasn’t an option, what would you do for the rest of your life?”

Vicky’s Answer: Tell jokes. Make people laugh.

Ironically, she ended up landing an engineering job in Newfoundland and moved back home. Here, she would also continue writing material and eventually begin performing as a stand-up comedian. Since then, she has hit multiple Yuk Yuks stages in eastern Canada, has been named the “Funniest Person in Newfoundland” after winning James Mullinger’s Comedy Bootcamp, and was the Overcast’s runner-up for Funniest Local Stand-up Comic.  This year, she had the opportunity to perform alongside well-known comedians such as Shaun Majumder at The Gathering festival in Burlington. Currently, she has a number of viral videos, most of which involve parody songs – a true staple to her brand. She has performed all across the province, while constantly booking new events to showcase her talent and, most importantly, keep people laughing.

Did I mention that she has a full time engineering job!? There is nothing I love more than seeing people that I care about succeeding, and that word does not do justice for what Vicky is accomplishing in such a short timeframe. She is very quickly becoming a household name across the province, and I’m sure that this is just the beginning.

Through her independent business, Vicky Mullaley Laughs, she is rapidly filling her calendar with holiday parties and other events. The next time that you see her advertising a show, I highly(!) recommend that you attend.

She’s Some Shockin’ Good.


~ Jill.

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