15+ Winter Activities in the St. John’s Area for <$15

I’ve had many visiting students as well as families from outside the St. John’s area ask me for suggestions on what to do in the city this time of year. If you’re looking for a little outing, but would rather not break the bank, check out my compiled list of  ideas below. For more information, click each underlined activity. 

Photos courtesy of Gord Follett.


Indoor Workouts

The exact opposite of what I usually do with friends, which is eating calories instead of burning them (oops). The weather outside may prevent the usual run or hike, but an indoor class can be a great alternative. Check out Bodhi Yoga and BeSpoke Spin Class (keep an eye out for $10 Karma classes!)

Treat yourself

Buy some locally-made sweets to enjoy with a cup of tea and a night at home.

My favorites of the year: Butter Bakery, Tilt House Bakery, Belbin’s

St. John’s Farmer’s Market

A good destination for more treats than mentioned above, or other wonderful food/gift finds at reasonable prices. This is such a nice place to grab a coffee, stroll around, and do some holiday shopping.

Open Mic

There are various open mics in town throughout the week. A notable event is definitely The Ship Pub on Monday nights. This will get you out of the house, but provides something different than the usual dinner date.

Geo Centre

The tour is only one small piece of what is offered at this building. From trivia nights to family movie nights, there are a wide variety of events to check out.

Mochanopoly Board Game Café

You may not want to go here with me as I am at my WORST when playing games. Other people tend to have lots of fun with them, though.

The Rooms

The museum currently has many amazing exhibits including Unsettled by Emily Pittman. The views from this building alone give enough of a reason to visit in the winter. Seniors and Students (with an ID) can visit for $6.50 and admission is FREE from 6-9pm on the first Wednesday of every month!

The Grounds Cafe

Not far outside of the city, one of the best places to escape is the Grounds Cafe. An extremely relaxing atmosphere with delicious dessert and beverage selections daily.  

Jokes at John’s

Every Thursday, a talented lineup of comedians perform at Trapper John’s. Laughs and a cold drink – what more do you want? Get there early if you want a seat/table!

City of St. John’s Art Programs

Paint classes are certainly a lovely way to spend an evening. The city puts off art classes at very reasonable prices throughout the week.

Kitchen Party at Quidi Vidi Brewery

The event starts rolling at 4:30 p.m. every Friday with music beginning at 6:00 p.m. I highly recommend getting there very early as it is usually packed like a tin of sardines.

Venice Pizza & Skating @ The Loop  

Burn off some calories at the loop, and promptly put them back on with a slice from Venice. Easily one of the best wheels in the city. #Balance

Make a Donation

There are a lot of items you can put together at a dollar store for <$15. Many organizations in the city are struggling to meet the demands of their clients. The Single Parents Association in particular have voiced their concerns for the holiday season and would appreciate any help you can give.

Merry & Bright – MUN Botanical Gardens

A beautiful display of lights while enjoying the outdoors. Bundle up and enjoy the walk around the trails.

Landwash Brewery + Saucy Mouth Food Truck

I personally have not visited Landwash yet – it is next on my list. However, I think any new business deserves recognition *AND* Saucy Mouth is parking their truck in the space. There’s nothing I love more than efficiency – support two businesses at once!

Snowshoe/Ski in Pippy Park

A super-cheap way to spend an hour or two on beautiful winter days!

The Indian Express Food Truck

Opened recently, this has become my favorite place for a delicious meal to-go. I highly recommend it for a nice evening in when you just do not feel like cooking. $9.99 for a complete FEED.

Bowring Park

The park is hands down one of the most beautiful places in the city this time of year. Stroll with a hot drink while taking in the beautiful display of lights and fresh air.

BparkPhotos courtesy of Gord Follett.

Obviously this list is non-exhaustive. I could go on forever. A lot of the above are activities I’ve already done/am hoping to do this season. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Further, if you have an idea that I haven’t mentioned, be sure to let me know.

A very special thank you to Gord Follett for supplying the beautiful photography within this post – be sure to check out all of his work by clicking his name. 


Happy Exploring!

– Jill

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