Opening the Green Door

As the song goes, “Green Door, what’s that secret you’re keeping?” Well, I can tell you that this new St. John’s restaurant should be no secret at all. I for one am ready to expose how great it is and the fact that they have the best chicken dish in town (I’ll get to this later). Opened recently on Water Street, The Green Door Restaurant and Bar deserves some recognition for being a great establishment to grab a drink and a delicious bite to eat. I’ve never been to a place that has made me feel both far away, yet so very close to home at the same time. Menu items are inspired from all over the world, with ingredients sourced locally when possible. Furthermore, some of the furniture was even made right here on the island. There’s nothing I love more than local businesses supporting local themselves, and this crowd has done it perfectly.

Photos taken from The Green Door Facebook page.


My first impression was that it is similar in design to restaurants such as Adelaide, especially in terms of setup and the promotion of small plates of craft food. The space itself is very open with a mix of booth and table seating. The beautiful bar placed near the back screams local with beers on tap from provincial breweries as well as liquors from the Newfoundland Distillery Co.


Exposed brick and beam bring both a rustic, yet contemporary feel to the place and the lighting is perfect for enjoying dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. One of my favorite touches is the background music featuring the likes of Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, and other easy listening. Every so often, “Green Door” by Shakin’ Stevens is played which signals 30 minutes of happy hour prices. I think this is such a unique idea, further complementing the story behind the name of the restaurant. For opening so recently, the service here is also top-notch. The staff are all incredibly friendly, polite and seem to thoroughly enjoy being part of the Green Door experience.

Drinks and Plates

As mentioned above, the menu is quite eclectic with items you will not find in other restaurants in town. Having said that, there’s enough of a variety that even less adventurous eaters should be pleased with the selection. We began the meal with a few beverages including Yellowbelly Fighting Irish Red Ale and a bottle of Italian Fantini (Sangiovese) decanted into a pitcher (for $26!) This is an excellent deal and is also offered in a Sauvignon Blanc.


To start the plates, we sampled the Chermoula Dip and Grilled Yakitori. It was very difficult to choose as we wanted everything, but both of these dishes were delicious.

Next came the Pan fried Cod Puffy Tacos. These are some of the best tacos I have had in St. John’s. A messy selection if on a date, but the shell and pickled vegetables provided a perfect pairing for the cod.


Now, the true star of this show was Andrea’s Drunken Chicken. I usually hesitate to order chicken when eating out as I prepare so much of it at home, but I have zero regrets about tasting this dish. I am confident in saying it is the best poultry dish that I have had in a very long time and I highly recommend it. It consists of chicken scallopini fried and served with white wine and lemon reduction as well as irio – a buttery smashed potato with wilted spinach.


Finally, the meal was rounded out by the very last order of chocolate tacos for the night which seem to be a crowd favorite since their opening. I am a chocolate-or-bust-type when it comes to dessert, and this one perfectly satisfied my sweet tooth.

Bottom Line

The Green Door is still brand new, and I just want to make sure as many people as possible know about it. What the owners have accomplished is incredibly great, providing yet another option for a night out in the downtown core. It may have been my first time opening the green door, but it will definitely not be my last.

Check it out – It’s Some Shockin’ Good. 

~ Jill


For More Information:

Facebook: @greendoornl

Instagram: @greendoornl

The Overcast article: What’s Behind that Green Door on Water Street



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