No Longer in a Pickle

Pickling is a longstanding tradition involving preserving or extending the lifespan of foods. Many Newfoundlanders are no strangers to this process. Any Jiggs Dinner or cooked meal is brought to the next level with pickled beets, chow, and let’s not forget the infamous mustard pickle (Flashback to the 2016 tragedy). My mother and grandmother… Continue reading No Longer in a Pickle

Finding the Grand in (and around) Grand Falls-Windsor

In the third year of medical school, there are opportunities to travel all around the island completing rotations in various specialties. For six weeks, I studied OBGYN at the Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre. It was there that I worked with some of the best medical professionals this province has to offer. I cannot say… Continue reading Finding the Grand in (and around) Grand Falls-Windsor